Who We Are…

David Wichman – Co-Founder

David Wichman is an author, motivational speaker, narrator and meditation artist who is passionate about his message. David is well-known to many people who seek freedom from active addiction and to those who are exploring ways to live a fulfilling life, free of stigma, shame and fear surrounding spirituality, sex and intimacy.  Raised in Fremont, California, David survived a childhood marked by severe neglect and physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The trauma of his early life led him into years of homelessness, alcoholism and drug addiction. After decades of struggle and rehabilitation failures, he finally obtained freedom from his addiction in 2005. David remains an active member in New Thought and recovery movements to this day.

Stumbling upon VR completely by accident began David’s unexpected and incredible journey in advanced healing. He started experimenting with technology and meditation with incredibly fast and profound results, thus a new purpose and a new company was created. David strongly believes that merging ancient spiritual principles and meditation techniques with modern virtual reality technology is the next frontier for healing and serving humanity.

At Heal-VR, David creates content that offers users a deeper and more profound meditative experience. Undergirding all of David’s personal and professional efforts has been a deep and abiding desire to be useful to others. He is currently a student of the Course in Miracles and utilizes New Thought practices, such as life visioning, creative visualization and VR enhanced meditation, all of which he freely and frequently passes along to those he works with. 

Todd Davis Co-founder

The man. The tech. The dream architect. The real magic maker. Todd is the shy computer nerd behind the curtain. Code! Code! Code! When asked for his bio he looked confused and then retreated back to the bat cave. Todd is an inventor/creator and has more than 25 years of engineering and software experience. Todd is David’s magic wand.  He implements David’s vision. When David says, “Anything is possible, right?” Todd looks frustrated and astonished that it actually is possible. Then he makes it happen. 

Carl Borey

Web design, e-commerce and financial management. Carl, AKA Mr. Sensible, is the grounded one who looks at David and says “NO!” while David completely ignores him and does it anyway.

Dean Meyers
The legend in a bow tie: Media,  consulting, advisor and mentor.

Dean facilitates, coaches and trains people in design thinking/visual thinking methods for personal growth and lifelong learning and the application of VR/AR/MR for organizational learning. His clients include technology firms, service organization, manufacturers, government agencies, educational institutions and advertising and media companies. He has taught innovative Human-Centered Design Thinking Skills courses in higher educational settings and runs workshops for private enterprise and public workshops for professionals facing transformation in the workplace who are looking to acquire new skills. Dean is the publisher of the online news media for visual thinkers, VizWorld.com.